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The Old Internet: A short, oversimplied, history

Recall the era when your online ventures extended beyond the realms of Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Each website possessed a distinctive design, ambiance, and community. Webmasters, in those days, crafted their unique 88x31 images to establish partnerships with other websites, engaging in a button exchange. In the absence of buttons, text links were a common sight, symbolizing mutual support, traffic exchange, and the sharing of backlink benefits.

The landscape began to shift around 2010, coinciding with the decline of MySpace. Facebook surged in popularity, closely followed by Twitter. Reddit, with its subreddit structure, further streamlined the process, making it convenient to replace numerous individual websites and communities.

This transformation wasn't arbitrary; the advent of full-screen smartphones in 2009 and 2010 played a pivotal role in the meteoric rise of social media. The shift from predominantly desktop and laptop internet users to a mobile-dominated user base catalyzed this change. Pre-2010 websites struggled on mobile devices unless they had been adapted to be responsive.

Notably, major social media platforms adapted swiftly, developing their own apps and mobile-friendly sites. The confluence of native social media applications and websites, aligning with the rise of smartphones around 2009 and 2010, effectively marked the end of the old internet era.

Thank you to several webmasters who already had started their own collections: Dabamos, NeoNaut, Yesterweb, A.N. Lucas, Capstasher.

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